Jennifer Lopez Gives Constance Wu A Pole-Dance Lesson In ‘Hustlers’ Clip

Hearing Jennifer Lopez talk the lingo as she teaches Constance Wu to pole-dance is half the fun of a new clip from “Hustlers.” (See the clip below.)

Lopez, who plays the ringleader Ramona in the stripper-caper film, makes the moves appear effortless ― and the terms, too.

Watch her demonstrate a “carousel,” “peter pan,” “martini” and other maneuvers for Wu’s reluctant Destiny, who doesn’t believe she has the power to take the stage.

“You have muscles to do this,” Ramona says. “Every girl has muscles to do this.”

Despite her dancing background, Lopez told Entertainment Weekly: “I can say without hesitation that learning to pole-dance was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.” 

“Hustlers” follows former strippers who scam their Wall Street clients in a modern “Robin Hood”-style tale inspired by a true story. Cardi B, Lizzo, Lili Reinhart and Keke Palmer also star. It opens Sept. 13.

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