Jennifer Aniston Reveals The Biggest Change She’s Noticed Since Turning 50

Jennifer Aniston pointed out a subtle way that women are treated differently once they crack a certain age.

In an interview and cover shoot with InStyle, the 50-year-old actor said that, although she felt incredible since hitting the milestone in February, she had noticed a shift in how she was perceived.

“I don’t know what it is because I don’t feel any different. Things aren’t shutting down in any way. I feel physically incredible,” she said.

“So it’s weird that it’s all of a sudden getting telegraphed in a way that’s like, ‘You look amazing for your age.’ I think we need to establish some etiquette around that dialogue and verbiage.”

Aniston’s InStyle cover drew criticism from commentators who said she looked unnecessarily airbrushed, calling the photos “insulting” to the actor.

The actor’s most recent project, “The Morning Show” series, which will premiere this fall, will tackle themes of ageism and sexism for women in the entertainment industry.  She and her good friend Reese Witherspoon will both star in the drama series and be executive producers.

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