Jeff Bezos And MacKenzie Bezos Finalize Divorce

The two announced they’d finalized their divorce in a coordinated series of messages, published on Twitter almost simultaneously Thursday. In addition to extolling one another’s virtues and pledging to move forward as “co-parents” and “friends,” MacKenzie revealed the division of the couple’s substantial assets.

Jeff, founder of Amazon and the world’s richest person, will walk away with 75 percent of the couple’s stock in the company, including all voting control that ownership of the shares confers. Prior to their separation, Jeff owned 16 percent of the company, an amount worth upwards of $130 billion.

Given the couple’s reported lack of a prenuptial agreement and residence in Washington state, MacKenzie could theoretically have laid claim to much more. 

In addition to the stock, MacKenzie, a novelist and founder of an anti-bullying organization, said Thursday she’s also relinquishing her interests in The Washington Post and the aerospace company Blue Origin:

President Donald Trump latched onto the story to gloat ― and to express hope that the divorce would cause The Washington Post to “be placed in better & more responsible hands!”