Jamie Lee Curtis Tries To Pick Former Co-Star Out Of A Lineup On ‘Late Late Show’

Jamie Lee Curtis took a stroll down memory lane on Monday’s “The Late Late Show.”

The “Knives Out” actor was tasked with identifying a co-star who made a brief but memorable cameo with her in the 2004 holiday film “Christmas with the Kranks.”

Curtis’ character Nora raced the determined woman for the last ham in a supermarket, only to crash into a cookie display. “Happy holidays,” the victorious woman sniped at Nora.

Fifteen years later, late night host James Corden presented Curtis with a lineup of five women dressed alike and holding a ham. All uttered the same line, “Happy holidays,” but only one was the real actor.

If you want to play along with Curtis, don’t read any further and watch the video above (it also includes the scene from the movie).

But if you want to know more … 

Curtis identified the actor on her first guess and even recalled her first name, Dawn.

That would be Dawn Didawick, who was simply known as “shopper” in the movie.

Didawick, 78, appeared multiple times on the TV series “Hart of Dixie” and had a role in Julia Roberts’ Oscar vehicle “Erin Brockovich” as well.

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