Halsey Slams Instagram Haters: ‘I’m Not A Real Human Being To You’

Halsey has had it with haters and isn’t afraid to tell them so.

On Sunday, the day after the singer confronted a heckler at a pre-Super Bowl concert in Miami, she shared a photo on Instagram showing her being held in the air by fellow performers. 

“She flying,” Halsey wrote in the caption.

But haters quickly flooded the comments with the same taunt the heckler yelled at Halsey in Miami ― “G-Eazy.”

G-Eazy is Halsey’s rapper ex-boyfriend. They split in 2018.

Halsey, whose real name is Ashley Frangipane, hit back at those who left comments on her Instagram post.

“You’re at home on your iPhone and I’m not a real human being to you,” she wrote. “I hope to God you never have to experience an abusive relationship. And if you do, I hope the world is kinder to you than you are to me.”

During her performance on Saturday, a heckler repeatedly yelled “G-Eazy,” according to Billboard. She finally told him: “If you say G-Eazy one more fucking time, I will kick you outside this party. I will kick your fucking ass out this party, test me. Fucking test me.” 

Halsey urged fans in an Instagram story on Sunday to not put up with disrespect “in the name of being ‘nice.’” 

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