Groucho Mask, Man In Wedding Veil And Cockroach Among Year’s Newest Emojis

It’s an emotional time of year for people who love emojis.

The Unicode Consortium, which maintains a standardized collection of characters used on smartphones around the world, has announced 117 new emojis that will be rolled out to various platforms later this year.

The new emojis for 2020 include a Groucho Marx mask, a smiling face with a tear and bubble tea, but there is also an emphasis on gender inclusivity.

For instance, one emoji depicts a woman in a tuxedo while another has a man in a wedding veil, and there is a gender-inclusive alternative to Santa and Mrs. Claus named “Mx Claus,” according to

Other emojis that made the cut include something called “Italian hand gesture,” a fondue pot, the Transgender Pride Flag and a toilet plunger.

Oh, and for some reason, a cockroach.

As you might expect, many Twitter users had emotional reactions to the new emojis.

But at least one person had concerns on how the new emojis might work if they got into nefarious hands — i.e., hi, Mother.

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