FaceTime Users Urged To Disable App Over Eavesdropping Bug

iPhone users have been urged to disable FaceTime after a bug was discovered that allows callers to listen in and see through front-facing cameras ― even if the person they’re trying to reach doesn’t pick up the call. 

According to The Verge, the bug, which affects phones running 12.1.2, works like this: First, one party dials another on FaceTime using the Phone app, but before the recipient can pick up, the caller must swipe up and add their number, forming a group call. The phone, assuming a conference call has started, then allows the caller to listen in on the person being contacted, regardless of whether he or she has answered.

A demonstration of the flaw can be seen in this video:

The bug also occurs on Apple computers running macOS Mojave, CNN reported. Apple has announced plans to make a software update available this week to solve the issue.

News about the bug broke out just hours after Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted about the importance of data privacy:

To turn off the app on your iPhone, here’s what you need to do:

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