Courteney Cox Wears ‘Friends’ T-Shirt That Totally Disses Herself

No, it wasn’t a scene from an old episode. It was a T-shirt. 

Cox posted a photo on Instagram showing her wearing a pouty expression and a vintage “Friends” tee that sliced off half her face.

“Some people will do anything for a V-neck,” she wrote.

There’s a chance that Cox wielded the scissors herself, but that would be un-Monica-like to be so sloppy.

As “Friends” continues to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its first season (which began on Sept. 22, 1994), Cox has been on fire with posts to Instagram. A recent series featured Cox imploring a cute little kid to say Monica’s catch-phrase, “I know!”

Fans thanked her in the comments of her T-shirt post for keeping the legacy of “Friends” alive.

Now she just needs a different shirt.

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