Constance Wu Talks Serving Bill Murray As A Waitress In NYC

Before Constance Wu made headlines for culturally impactful roles in “Fresh Off The Boat” and “Crazy Rich Asians,” she spent some time waiting tables in New York City as she searched for acting gigs. 

Her stories serving celebs do not disappoint. 

Wu, who’s in the upcoming movie “Hustlers,” sat down with “The Tonight Show” and told host Jimmy Fallon about a memorable encounter with actor Bill Murray. 

“You know how there’s a pitcher of tap water that you give to the people who ordered tap water? He told me to take it around the restaurant to anyone who ordered tap water and say: ‘This is from Bill.’” 

To top it all off, Wu said Murray made her feed his parking meter. 

Wu also told the host that she met saxophonist Kenny G and saw that he and his wife rocked the same hairdo. 

“It’s like a form of self-love,” she joked. 

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