Chrissy Teigen Visits Public Library For 1st Time In 23 Years And Is Blown Away

The public library just won over a prominent new advocate.

“Bring the Funny” judge and social media master Chrissy Teigen wrote on Twitter Wednesday that she visited the library for the first time in 23 years and totally dug it.

She participated in story time with 3-year-old daughter Luna and perused shelves full of cookbooks. “I could not believe my eyes,” she wrote.

“seriously. go to the library,” she wrote in another tweet. “It’s a delight.”

Even better, no reservations required.

Teigen was responding to a library goer defending herself against critics.

There are approximately 17,000 “individual public library outlets” in the United States, according to a survey. And we suspect the branch where Teigen and Luna dropped by got a nice little boost.

We just have one question: When is she going to bring 1-year-old Miles along too?

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