Canadian Comedian Delivers Subtle Yet Scathing Parody On U.S. Gun Violence

A comedian in Canada is using parody videos to deliver cutting commentary on the gun violence epidemic in the United States.

The Stratford, Ontario, resident also shared this similarly styled video about gun control over the weekend:

Reynolds, 49, told HuffPost on Friday that the randomness of mass shootings in America ― where he has many friends and frequently visits ― and the lack of real change following each one left him feeling hopeless.

“I’m not sure much will ever change as guns are such a large part of some American culture, but I wanted to demonstrate how silly some of the logic has been to date,” he said.

“Video games have been blamed for all bad behavior since they were invented,” Reynolds added. “Though I’m not a fan of violent video games, I know that their popularity in various countries doesn’t correlate to the level of gun violence. So blaming video games seems almost like a red herring. It becomes comical.”

Of his parodies’ growing popularity, Reynolds said he aims to provide a “less confrontational way for people to see a different perspective. It’s literally the least I can do to try to make the world a bit better.”

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