Caelynn, Dean Mustache You A Question (But He’ll Shave It For Later)

Claire Fallon and Emma Gray’s moms are going to freaking kill them. The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” lay out the wildest moments from the season’s penultimate episodes, including the most unlikely friendship, the most welcome departure and who needs a legal lesson from Elle Woods.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days in Paradise. Everyone is either in love or scrambling to find it. “Old” Matt Donald throws his maternal worries out the window, Chris and Katie talk kids, and Blake tries to woo Kristina with a line from “When Harry Met Sally.” But it’s Dean who really channels a rom-com with his Grand [Canyon] speech and proposition. Will Caelynn fall for the man with a van? Or will their relationship go the way of his mustache?

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