Brett Favre Deletes Instagram Post Claiming He’s Coming Out Of Retirement

Football great Brett Favre said he is not coming out of retirement at the age of 49, despite an Instagram post suggesting that on Tuesday.

The Hall of Fame quarterback’s Instagram account featured a photo of Favre from Super Bowl XXXI with this eye-opening caption:

“A true champion sticks to his or her calling. I will be coming out of retirement and making my return to play in the NFL for the 2020 season.”

The photo was deleted within 30 minutes, but not before users took screenshots of it for posterity.

Although it would seem highly unlikely that a middle-aged man might put his body at risk by playing against much younger players, we’re talking about Favre here.

Bleacher Report notes that Favre “retired” at least three times in his 20-year career, before actually calling it quits after the 2010 season. 

If Favre did come out, he would have held the NFL record for oldest player to ever appear in an NFL game, beating out George Blanda, who was 48 when he played his last game.

However, it was not to be.

HuffPost reached out to Favre, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the QB told TMZ Sports that someone hacked his account and he has no plans to tackle pro football once again.

He said his team is currently trying to figure out who hacked the account.

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