‘Border Security Is Also Health Security,’ Trump Says at Rally as Coronavirus Fears Grow

“I thought I knew all the wealthy people,” he said of Mr. Steyer, whom he mocked as “Mr. Impeachment.” He then teased Mr. Biden for mixing up the names of states he has visited. “He did that like seven times,” Mr. Trump said.

“If I did that once, it would be the end of the road, right?” he added. “They’d say Trump has lost it.”

He paused before saying, “They like to say that anyway, I guess.”

Mr. Trump poll-tested various candidates with the crowd — “We won’t include Steyer, he’s a loser” — before disparaging Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as a “mean one” and dismissing Michael R. Bloomberg as “gone” and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota as “not going to happen.” The president then asked his supporters who they thought was the weaker candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont or Mr. Biden.

“Who the hell is easier to beat? Crazy Bernie? Or Sleepy Joe?” he said, before concluding that his best chances lie with Mr. Sanders.

Among other topics, Mr. Trump assessed his own effectiveness with minority voters, regaling the crowd with a story about a “love fest” event at the White House at which he hosted African-Americans. His campaign recently announced a push to open storefronts in swing states targeting black voters with “Woke”-themed merchandise and pamphlets.

“One of the things I asked them,” Mr. Trump said, “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time — great people, some of them are here tonight — ‘Do you like the name African-American or black?’ And they said, ‘Black!’ all at the same time. True. I tell you. Because you say African-American or black. And they said almost, like, immediately, ‘Black.’”

On and off the rally stage, the president has zeroed in on Mr. Bloomberg for his performances in recent debates. Earlier Friday, Mr. Trump spread an unfounded Twitter rumor that Mr. Bloomberg was thinking of ending his presidential bid.

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