Beyoncé Shared Photos Of Herself Dressed As Lisa Bonet And Fans Are Crazy In Love

Whenever Beyoncé gives us an inside look at her life it’s a gift, but photos of herself dressed as Lisa Bonet for Halloween are truly another level for a lot of fans.

On Friday, Twitter was abuzz after people noticed that Queen Bey had posted new images on her website in celebration of her 37th year. The “Formation” singer’s 38th birthday was earlier this month and the images offered a retrospective of sorts on some of her looks in the last year.

One of those looks happened to be a Halloween costume of her dressed as the effortlessly cool Bonet. While the series included other costumes, Bey wore last year ― like Toni Braxton and Olympic athlete FloJo ― the Bonet costumes took the cake online. Because, oh yes, did we mention there were two different Bonet looks that Bey recreated? And you thought Halloween and Christmas couldn’t come early this year.

Here’s what fans had to say about the looks:

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