Andrew Luck’s Letter To Indianapolis Colts Fans Is A Lesson For All Of Us

Well-played, Andrew Luck.

After being booed on the field as word of his retirement spread last week, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback on Sunday bid farewell like a pro with a full-page ad in the Indianapolis Star. 

Luck, 29, thanked “Colts Nation” for its support, for welcoming his family and “for showing us the true meaning of Hoosier hospitality.”

That hospitality was not on display when Luck was showered with boos on Aug. 24 ― before he was even able to address the retirement decision himself. The Colts had just lost a preseason game to Chicago at home. Luck, sidelined with an injury to his calf and ankle, did not play but felt the fans’ wrath as reports spread through Lucas Oil Stadium.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hear it,” he said at the time. “It hurt.”

But Luck took the high road with his farewell message. 

“It’s been the honor of a lifetime to represent the Colts and the city of Indianapolis on the world’s stage,” he wrote.

Luck, who has endured serious shoulder trouble, a lacerated kidney and at least one concussion, explained previously that the unrelenting cycle of injuries, pain and rehab had consumed him.

The four-time Pro Bowl pick and reigning Comeback Player of the Year still faced harsh criticism for his decision to leave the NFL. One takedown by a Fox Sports 1 commentator prompted Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman of Fox Sports to jump to Luck’s defense.

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