A Big Screen to Sift Through Recruits

The biggest evolution is how stories move through the reporting and editing process. That cycle used to be: Reporter reports and writes. Editors edit. And voilà! It’s published in print and online.

But now baked into that process is a layer of sophisticated digital thinking: What story form should we use? What headline might best capture the essence of my piece? Is my topic searchable? Do we even need to do a written story? Let’s do a podcast instead.

There is now so much information in the world that all media companies, even the biggest ones, are re-evaluating what they bring to the table. It’s about asking ourselves what our value proposition is. And for The Times, our value comes from doing unique, high-impact journalism that is told in ways that sync up with how people are actually consuming content.

You’re a bit of a gear head. What are your favorite gadgets, and what do you do with them?

Oh, gosh. Where do I start?

I definitely fall into the category of “early adopter.” Our house is an Apple Store in miniature. At home, we shuffle between two MacBooks and an iPad Pro. I’m on my second Apple Watch, fifth iPad, seventh iPhone and, I think, 10th Mac. Every drawer in our house has some kind of Apple dongle in it. With all the money we’ve given to Apple, I’m pretty sure we’ve paid for at least part of Tim Cook’s private jet. Surely one of the winglets.

Beyond the Apple stuff, the gadget I use most often is the new Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s 10th-generation e-reader. For my money, it matches printed paper in clarity and experience. I think I’ve owned the last seven generations of Kindles. They are like a fine wine in reverse: The new ones just get better and better.

We also have a smattering of Google products around our home: a Nest thermostat and a Nest security system, a Google mesh Wi-Fi network and a Google Home speaker. Our daughter, 8, and son, 3, have grown quite adept at asking the Google Home funny questions. Our son is barely potty-trained but is already astute enough to declare with the proper volume and inflection, “Hey, Google, play ‘Kids Bop’!”

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